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Why your school should choose eAbhyas Academy for IIT JEE / MEDICAL / OLYMPIAD Foundation Programme?


Our Vision

It is not enough to stare up the steps;we must step up the stairs.

Our Mission is to cater SCHOOLS through excellence in the field of Pre IIT MEDICAL OLYMPIADFOUNDATION andcreate an environment in which ambition and academic growth of an associate school student flourishes, and from which the leaders and innovators of tomorrow emerge.

Personalized Foundation Programs

Considering the fact that each school has its own requirements and aspirations to see their SCHOOL students high in the field of Olympiads and other competitive exams. To cater the school needs eABHYAS ACADEMY has designed systematic, age appropriate, Foundation programs to achieve the desired Success in any competitive exam for Associate School Students.

eAbhyas Academy’s Pre IIT-MEDICAL OLYMPIAD Foundation programs are path to excellence for school students targeting Olympiads, National Talent Search Examination (NTSE), National level Science Talent Search Examination (NSTSE), and other talent tests along with school syllabus.

eAbhyas Academy’s OLYMPIAD Foundation courses are structured into 2 different levels with specific objectives for 1st to 5th standards i.e GLOBAL OLYMPIAD & ASK (Jr) OLYMPIAD and eAbhyas Academy’s Pre IIT-MEDICALfoundation into 4 different levels for 6th to 10th grade students I,e FACT OLYMPIAD , TECHNO OLYMPIAD , OLYMPIAD EDGE & ASK (SR) OLYMPIAD.

Our Mission

Action with Vision makes positive difference

Our ultimate vision is to increase our reach manifold and touch as many Schools as we can and influence as many students as we can and to help them with our Olympiad curriculum along with school support to achieve their dream and become a better version of themselves.


Our Values

Whatever we think, we say & whatever we say, we do.

Team eAbhyas Academy pledged to promote value-based culture of academic commitment, integrity, accountability, result orientation and quality education to our Associate School Students.

  • We exhibit an ethic of care in working with all our Associate Schools.
  • We honor the diversity of our Associate school student identities, experiences, purposes, and learning styles.
  • We operate with a spirit of generosity in the exchange of expertise, knowledge and resources.
  • We value hopefulness and possibility.
  • We expect life balance and professional excellence.
  • We conduct our work through deep listening, creative problem solving, and collaboration.

Best Results

Associate school management knows that eABHYAS ACADEMY is the best for IIT JEE / MEDICAL / OLYMPIAD Foundation Programme and more so because of our consistent Excellency in all matters related to the programme.

Most of our Associate School students have secured more than 95% + marks in BOARD Exams and IIT JEE / MEDICAL / OLYMPIAD / NTSE toppers of most of the schools in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are with eAbhyas Academy.

The Quality we never compromise is quality: Our penchant & pursuit of quality is evident in our every activity, in all our actions, at all times, everywhere.

Best content developing Faculty team: We are the only institute that follows a very strong, systematic & objective selection before a teacher becomes an eABHYAS ACADEMY faculty. eABHYAS ACADEMY has a pool of more than 15 very competent full-time faculty ensuring our associate school students in getting highly effective study material , Worksheets and Test series in all subjects throughout the year.

Pattern Proof programme implementation Methodology: eABHYAS ACADEMY has been designing its programmes in a comprehensive way so that Associate school students do very well in Engineering Medical Entrance Exams, Olympiads and Boards exams too. For last 6 years, our Associate school students have been the toppers in many State and National level School Olympiads.

Comprehensive Study Material: We provide Exhaustive, Relevant & Original Study Material and Test Papers. These are designed and Updated regularly on the correct and latest pattern of all major competitive Exams. Our study material is Pattern Proof i.e. students are prepared for the OLYMPIADS irrespective of any type of pattern (CBSE/STATE/NCERT).

Test Series

Our devotion at eAA has resulted in this unique academic revolution is the IIT JEE / MEDICAL / OLYMPIAD Foundation test series.

The test series has given our Associate School students a remarkable edge over others.

Test series tune students to the actual competitive examination conditions and develops a competitive spirit in them in order to meet success in IIT JEE / MEDICAL / OLYMPIAD Exams.

eAA Test series includes the following types of test papers as per the latest pattern of IIT JEE / MEDICAL / OLYMPIAD Examinations:

  • We organize.
  • More than 25+ weekend examinations.
  • More than 10+ Cumulative (monthly) examinations.
  • All Practice tests on O.M.R. sheets only.
  • 5 Olympiads (Full syllabus major tests) of each subjects after entire syllabus is covered.
  • In Test series they are exposed to competitive exam like scenario, which help them to control the nervousness during exams; they also work on time management & presentation.
  • After each test, schools will courier the filled OMR sheets and correction is done by eAA according to competitive exams guidelines.
  • They also work on time management techniques to complete the entire paper in given time only.
  • Test series is very effective & ensure at least 60-75% Improvement in performance.
  • After Scanning OMR’S eAA will Provide More than 10+ times State Wide ranking and 5 levels of in depth analysis to each student comparing every student with State wide reputed eAbhyas Academy all associated School Students.
  • All the test performances are communicated to parents via sms. In case parents wish to know the performance of their ward, they can see it on our www.eabhyasacademy.com


Periodically we conduct online teaching classes for our associate schools Teachers for minimizing their content doubts and to maximize their subject knowledge. This also equips teachers with skills in innovative teaching and implementation of the eABHYAS ACADEMY FOUNDATION PROGRAMME in class room.

We also provide our content development team numbers to the associate school teachers for clarifying their academic doubts in all working days.


We are the one and only ISO 9001:2008 Certified foundation programme providing organization for schools in INDIA, which conducts 5 different internal State wide Olympiads exclusively for our associate school students. Not only that we offer scholarships for the meritorious students in these Olympiads but also we celebrate their achievement in a big gala award function “ABHYASOTSAV” in both the states i.e. Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Separately at the end of Academic year.

Trusted Reasons to be with eABHYAS ACADEMY