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Personalized Foundation Programmes

Understanding the fact that every school has its own requirements and aspirations to see their SCHOOL students high in the field of Olympiads. Knowing this fact eABHYAS ACADEMY has designed systematic, age appropriate, Foundation programmes to achieve the desired Success in any competitive exam for Associated School Students.

eABHYAS ACADEMY proudly announces six different Level foundation programme courses with Integrated syllabus (CBSE & STATE) for 1st to 5th Class students and 6th to 10th grade students.

Foundation Programmes

foundation programmes

eABHYAS ACADEMY Foundation Programme System

Students differ in their dreams, ambitions or passion. To equip the student with such skills which not only help a student to crack any competitive examination but also chase his life's dreams is the prime motto of eAbhyas Academy.

To equip the student with the following skills which not only helps a student to crack any competitive examination but are also very important and essential factors in life of an individual to get success in any dream ambition or passion.

Mathematical Skills (MS) : Scientific Temperament (ST) : Reasoning Skills (RS)

Intelligence Quotient (IQ) : Emotional Quotient (EQ) : Competitive Quotient (CQ)

Olympiad Exams

Olympiad exams are like a positive push for students towards their excellence. Academics should not be the only focus of students. They should always have an external outlook. Real excellence is when the academic knowledge is used efficiently to get through competitive exams.

These exams provide very good support to student by offering scholarships also. It’s always the rewards which keep you going in positive direction towards your goals.

Preparing for Olympiad exams helps in finding out the scholastic talent in students. It is about helping your child be the best. It builds up positive spirit among students and gives ambition and motivation for students.

The main aim of Olympiad exam is to improve intellectual, logical skills and reasoning capabilities among students. Most of these Olympiad exams are combination of aptitude and subject knowledge.

eAbhyas Academy Olympiads For Associate School Students

ramanujan maths
raman science